Configuration and Change Management

Emergency Change implementation

The companies always try to minimise the emergency changes as chances are always higher for a big failure. Apart from prototyping, the changes are always unforeseen. Our Emergency Change managers can easily handle any sort of emergency changes and proficient enough to for validating the Change review and RFC's.

Asset Tracking and Management

Acquiring and keeping the records of critical assets and digital assets is obviously a tedius task and both time consuming and expensive. We do cost effective quality service in collecting and maintaining the details of all your assets live while your business can be kept independent and operate promptly.

Configuration Management

Configuration management helps you understand the correct decisions and actions that governs your company's policies and procedures so that the end products are always accurate and perfectly structured for user behaviour, readiness and availablity of the resources and materials.

Change Tracking and Reporting

We guide and perform tracking and reporting systems to document the status of all sort of changes; accepted, in process and rejected changes on any event that effect the overall performance of the business. The complete information of the changes done will be clearly documented as per the regulation and standards.