Cloud and Offshore Security

Virtualization Security

We provide infrastructure as a service option including virtual storage, virtual machines, systems and server virtualization and virtual switching. Our virtualization security provide you in securing file sharing, Network storage data retrieval, sensible virtual machines with self destruction, timely scheduled, manual and automatic synchronization and reduces the chances of denial of service and traffic interception.

Web Application Security

Our dedicated team is always there to anyalyse your web applicatons, user access, data storage and communication of your business and report with the findings of vulnerabilities and comproming factors. We also assist in real time monitoring and real time threat intelligence to counter anomalies. Our main services but not limited to are SQL injection, XSS, content spamming and other fraudulent activities mitigation.

Advanced Threat Protection

We offer security solutions across email, network, web and endpoint devices by integrating the same to counter measure the most complex and tedius issues that may be governed by multiple factors or agents. We use most modern and well equippped tools and solutions to fight against persistant threats. We also offer multiple options in countering zero day attacks like ransomeware.

DNS Security

We adress and resolve all issues related to Domain name system service and handle redirection, data modification, denial of service attack, footprinting, cache poisoning, data leakage, and data unavailability. Our experienced team with a set of globally recognized tools can achieve the same for you without compromising on your business and it's operations.