Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

On-Site and Remote Consulting

As per the needs and client's requirements, we provide both On-site and Remote security consulting services with a prompt review of your IT environment, right suggestions and precise implementation of the countermeasures inorder to reduce any chance of compromise. We also offer fully assisted support option in handling your digital assets with round the clock monitoring to keep a smooth flow of your business.

Managed Security Monitoring

We form dedicated Red Teams for Security Intelligence in incident management, incident response and alarm handling, reporting, prioritizing incidents by considering corelated incidents. It helps the clients understand unauthorized events, malicious actions, anomalies and trend analysis. We have intelligent tools to to minimize your risks by continuous threat monitoring and reducing the delay in finding and responding to the incidents.

Asset Discovery

All of your critical and non critical digital assets are monitored always and the visibility,status, threats and vulnerabilities are always produced as needed. We deploy the both active and passive Network Monitoring and Scanning and maintain inventory records of all the digital assets.

End Point Management

We offer solutions in synchronizing all your end point systems and devices to many of the stable repositories in deploying patch managemen either manually or using automated tools. Vulnerabilities and issues are fixed without compromising the security policies.

Other Managed Services

Apart from those listed above, we also offer threat detection and mitigation, File Integrity handling, honey pots and honey nets, Secure Email Solution, Intrusion detection and prevention, packet monitoring, log management and Vulnerability Management.