Risk Assessment and Management

IT Risk Assessment

We provide information on all sort of controls needed to protect and preserve the resources and assets from all types of vulnerabilities and threats and the adverse effects of threats on organization and the risk level of each individual asset. The clients can then reduce the risk exposure and ofcourse can decide whether to transfer the risk or to accept the risk to a comfortable level.

Security Review and Gap Assessment

We help you identify the risks and suggest you with relevant mitigation and counter measures. We also provide recommendation and assist in prioritizing the assets accordingly so that the company can have a better understanding. We audit at regular intervals to make sure the relevant digital assets are safe or not. We have options for small, medium and large enterprises as well.

Security Remediation

Identifying the risks and threats are important. To fix the issue at the earliest is critical. We help you in moving your business unaffected by closing the security gaps and making double sure that the changes are executed correctly to reduce the risk and any further issues.


Performing Information Security Management Systems helps you frame all legal and regulatory requirements. We can thereby assist you to take over internal control and thus helping you to independently verify assets, process, procedure and documentation.

Virtual CISO

We help you reduce the cost and burden in deploying a virtual Chief Information Security Officer to handle things out of Information Security. The service will definitely provide you with a class security leadership by veteren engineers with round the clock dedicated support.