Digital Forensics

Data Acquisition

Electronic discovery and data collection are very important for a successul digital investgation. We are well equipped and well versed in any operating systems to support you in collecting information irrespective of your location and the medium and documenting as per the standards.

Data Preservation

Data Preservation is the first step in an emergency including BCP and DRP. We offer cost effective, flexible type of preservation techniques including local backup, offsite backup, cloud backup and archiving, while priority is given for integrity and availability in all respects.

Forensic Analysis

We offer fully integrated computer forensic investigation with physical or virtual support by our expert analysts. Our services include password cracking, data decryption, media checking, log analysis, cache examination and meta data scrutinizing.

Network Investigation

We monitor and perform bit level examination of network traffic for digital investigation purpose for finding malicious user, programs and unauthorized access. We offer both internal reporting and legal reporting by the help of mnual tools and fully automated tools.

Digital Data Recovery

By trusting the most reliable solution for data recovery, our experts are happy to help you in digging out any sort of lost data and even from damaged discs. We have dedicated and certified class 100 clean room for a safe environment for handling digital discs with utmost care.

Cell Site Analysis

We have security center support in recreating the physical movements of a communication device, pattern movements and geographical location. We also offer radio frequency and call mapping. We have standardised reporting which can be used for legal proceedings as well.